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Criminal records—even very old and minor ones—can create huge barriers for people trying to find safe housing, good employment, and move forward with their lives. Although Utah has a legal expungement process, that process is so costly, time-consuming, and complicated, that more than 90% of people eligible to clear their records haven’t made it through the process.

Utah’s Clean Slate law is estimated to clear over 400,000 historical criminal records automatically, and is projected to effect hundreds of thousands of criminal records into the future. However, the law has no direct notification requirement, meaning individuals whose records are automatically cleared will not receive notice that their record has been cleared.

The mission of Clean Slate Utah is to help people clear their criminal records and access opportunity. We will do this by:

Our Staff

Our Board
Our Partners

We need everyone’s help to spread the word about Utah’s Clean Slate law. To ensure Utahns have access to information through trusted community messengers, Clean Slate Utah is working with a number of faith, government, and community-based organizations across the state to spread the word about the law to impacted individuals. Our partners include:


Legal & Advocacy

Racial & Ethnic Fairness


Housing, Health, & Recovery

For more information about becoming a Clean Slate Utah partner, contact: intake@cleanslateutah.org.

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"A life transformed deserves a clean slate."