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Criminal records—even very old and minor ones—can create huge barriers for people trying to find safe housing, good employment, and move forward with their lives. Although Utah has a legal expungement process, that process is so costly, time-consuming, and complicated, that more than 90% of people eligible to clear their records haven’t made it through the process.

Utah’s Clean Slate law is estimated to clear 200,000 historical criminal records automatically, and is projected to effect hundreds of thousands of criminal records into the future. However, the law has no direct notification requirement, meaning individuals whose records are automatically cleared will not receive notice that their record has been cleared.

The mission of Clean Slate Utah is to help people clear their criminal records and access opportunity. We will do this by:

Our Staff

Noella Sudbury, Executive Director

Noella Sudbury has more than ten years of experience in criminal law, data-driven policy, legislative strategy, and project management.

Noella graduated magna cum laude from the University of Utah in 2006 with degrees in Political Science and Social Justice. In 2009, she earned a J.D. from the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law. Following law school, Noella clerked for Justice Ronald E. Nehring of the Utah Supreme Court, practiced criminal law in private practice and as a public defender, and served as Vice President and nationwide manager of the Government Interactions Compliance team at Goldman Sachs.

In 2016, Noella was appointed by Mayor Ben McAdams and the Salt Lake County Council as the Director of the County’s Criminal Justice Advisory Council, and a Senior Policy Advisor on Criminal Justice. In 2018, she conceived of, organized, and led the bipartisan campaign to pass Utah’s Clean Slate law, and has been involved in implementation efforts ever since.

Peer Expungement Navigators (Coming Soon!)

Clean Slate Utah doesn’t have any full-time staff yet, but we are lucky to be partnering with Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness (USARA) to provide one-part time peer expungement navigator who can help answer questions about Utah’s Clean Slate law and assist individuals with records in determining the next step in the process.

Julie Sanders is an individual in long-term recovery who are being trained to answer questions about Utah’s Clean Slate law and assist individuals in navigating the expungement process. She will be available to meet with you beginning in September 2021.

Read more about Julie below. To schedule an appointment with Julie, click here.

Julie Sanders

Julie received her Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling in 2011 from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is also a woman in long-term recovery, which began March 2017. Through her education and recovery journey, Julie has reconnected with her passion to help people in need, and now share her story with others as an example of continued recovery success.

Julie has an inspiring 17 year old daughter, Hannah, and an angel-baby, Jaxon. She and Hannah know how to make an adventure out of any situation. Her life motto is, “everything is better with a little country music” (preferably Tim McGraw).

Our Board
Our Partners

We need everyone’s help to spread the word about Utah’s Clean Slate law. To ensure Utahns have access to information through trusted community messengers, Clean Slate Utah is working with a number of faith, government, and community-based organizations across the state to spread the word about the law to impacted individuals. Our partners include:


Legal & Advocacy

Racial & Ethnic Fairness


Housing, Health, & Recovery

For more information about becoming a Clean Slate Utah partner, contact: noella@sudburyconsulting.com.

"A life transformed deserves a clean slate."